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Media Bias - When Only One Side Being Told, Bias In Play

Every story has multiple sides and multiple perspectives. When only one side is told over and over again, to the exclusion to others, bias is fully in play. Wise media consumers pay attention to both what is being said and also what is not being said. Stories not being told often hold many parts of 'truth' necessary to have an informed, intelligent discussion about complex issues. 

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The Good Fight (CBS) - Plants Clear, Violent Message in Tweet, Deletes, Dismisses

CBS's 'The Good Fight' weighs in on the political landscape in the least acceptable way possible, intentionally messaging violence against a public figure. Hiding behind the guise of a 'television drama' is no excuse for hypocrisy in its truest form. All levels of media need to take responsibility for the role they play in adding value to the culture in which they are privileged to have an audience.

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Media Gatekeepers Bear Responsibility to Air Both Sides of an Issue

Network and Cable News Directors have a moral obligation to air the various sides of an issue. Without presenting the nuances of a story, media consumers are indoctrinated to one view and one view only. The irony is often those crying 'narrow-minded', 'intolerant', 'biased' are calling the kettle black. Their own bias leaves them blinded to their own desire to shut down or limit a discussion to only the side resonating with theirs.

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