The Good Fight (CBS) - Plants Clear, Violent Message in Tweet, Deletes, Dismisses

CBS - Putting up a "Good 'Political' Fight", Irresponsible
Overt bias extends far beyond the nightly news desk for many media channels. CBS's 'The Good Fight' had no problem tweeting a totally unacceptable message of violence against a public official. Although the message was deleted after it's initial posting, and justifiable push back from Twitter users, the dismissed it as a 'misunderstood' Easter egg hunt. It's likely a bit of a stretch to think the three words put in logical order at the top left of the page would not be the first read by anyone engaging in the hunt. This is unacceptable messaging by the same people who correctly decry the real violence people face all over the world. It's hypocrisy in it's truest form. Media consumers deserve better, more mature decision makers. 

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