MediaGreatAgain.com provides integrity-based messaging for all media consumers who realize the vital role an unbiased media play in informing hearts and minds (rather than indoctrinating) and promoting critical thinking and constructive dialogue between all people. Unbiased media have an unparalleled power to lift humanity.


To provide apparel with meaningful, clear-thinking messaging that promotes a grassroots push for genuine integrity in journalism.

Basic Beliefs

Freedom of the Press is a sacred, guaranteed First Amendment right for every journalist. Freedom from a Biased Press should also be a guaranteed right for every citizen of a free and democratic society.

Ultimately, every citizen deserves news free of bias and aligned with the truth. Professional reporting should promote genuine, intelligent, multifaceted conversation around important issues affecting real people every day.

Media plays a vital role in any free society. Media members bear the sacred responsibility of increasing a society’s ability to think logically and wisely about daily issues they face. 

However, media's incredibly beneficial contribution only positively energizes society when each media member honors the long-standing journalistic principles of truth, accuracy, and impartiality. Those principles have steadily crumbled in the past decades.

Today’s media members struggle to live up to these basic principles despite each of them being clearly articulated in their own professional codes of conduct:

  1. Society of Professional Journalists
  2. Associated Press Managing Editors
  3. American Society of News Editors

We've summarized some of those principles here.

Call to Action

  • Stand up for intellectual and journalistic integrity.
  • Insist today’s media firmly embrace truth, accuracy, and impartiality as uncompromisable reporting principles.
  • Be a part of the movement bringing us to together for genuine, meaningful conversations around important issues affecting all of us.
  • Wear your Media Great Again gear with pride.